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Experienced Real Estate Lawyers for Your Property Issues

Vancouver is a very popular city in Canada and people from all over the world move here seeking lucrative opportunities and a great place to live. Setting up a business, as well as buying and selling commercial or residential properties are some of the most common legal transactions here in Vancouver. For most people, the most vital and significant financial investment is home ownership. Buying and selling real estate can be both intimidating and frustrating if you are not aware of the ins and outs of the market. A real estate lawyer will not only assist you in navigating this maze of legal procedure, but also protect you against the unexpected. As real estate lawyers, their expertise extend far beyond mere execution of a real estate transaction, but also in dealing with all types of issues which can often plague an overheated market such as Vancouver. Unlike notaries, real estate lawyers are licensed to provide legal advice and resolve legal issues as they arise, whether due to lack of proper drafting on the part of the real estate agent, or due to a sudden legislative change from the government. They are well equipped with the tools to ensure that you have a low-stress and smooth deal.

The things you should expect from your lawyer:

Real estate lawyers should put all of their focus on your case and guide you accordingly about the options available to you. They should protect your interests at various stages of the transaction and should be qualified to provide you with timely legal advice in times of need.

“Since there are many problems and issues which most clients underestimate or are not aware of, it is important that your real estate transaction is dealt with by someone with both an in-depth, and an up-to-date understanding of real estate law. Clients will find that it is often insufficient just to hire someone who merely executes the transaction, as a sudden legislative change, such as the ones we observed in 2016 regarding additional property transfer tax for foreign buyers, 2017 regarding empty home tax in Vancouver and the pending speculation tax in 2018, can leave a client out of pocket for tens of thousands of dollars if improper advice is given. Clients need to weary of the changes, and sometimes the answer to what appears to be a simple question can be very complicated due to the numerous tax and legal developments,” explains a Chinese lawyer Vancouver.

Another Chinese lawyer Richmond, explains that “clients should be aware of certain things which may lead to complications in the future. Some of the most serious problems will not surface until a few years down the road. In the short term, clients may not even be aware that they have received poor legal advice or service. We have seen examples in recent news about poor practice procedures from other legal practitioners and generally uniformed legal advice from those unqualified to be providing such advice in the first place. In the immigrant community especially, where the clients are often at a language disadvantage, the clients are fully relying on the advice and words of the legal practitioner; it is especially important in this case that the lawyer hired by the client is responsible and prudent in his or her practice.”

One such highly expert legal support firm is Collingwood Law Office, where their topmost priority is client support. They believe that their client’s purpose is only fulfilled when the clients are able to make informed legal decisions. To that end, they make client’s legal education a large part of their consultation and practice.

Collingwood Law Office was started as a collective effort and consists of highly qualified and experienced professional lawyers and support staff. It is a major name among various Vancouver law firms. They are a complete real estate and business boutique law firm which never ceases their effort in improving client satisfaction and providing unparalleled legal service.

For further information, visit Collingwoodlawoffice.com